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FMCGs Paper Packaging Trends & The Need for PEFC Certification
Come find out how to become a PEFC CoC certificate holder and gain access to global markets.

29 January 2021 | 3.30pm – 5.30pm
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Introduction to PEFC and MTCC 
75% of all certified forests globally is certified to PEFC, which manages 790 million acres of forest area in compliance with internationally accepted Sustainability Benchmark. PEFC certification provides assurance that forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social and economic requirements. Companies which adopt this certification are recognized by large MNCs and PLCs as a Responsible Supply Chain Vendor. PEFC certification is a standard of choice for procurement policies around the world. Currently more than 20,000 companies and organizations have achieved PEFC chain of custody certification in more than 70 countries.
Established in 1998, the Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) is an independent organisation tasked to develop and operate the Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme (MTCS). As a voluntary national scheme, the MTCS provides for independent assessment of forest management practices and audit of timber product manufacturers or exporters to ascertain that the timber products manufactured or exported are sourced from sustainably managed forests. This is to ensure the sustainable management of Malaysia’s natural forest and forest plantations, as well as to meet the market demand for certified timber and timber products.

The MTCS is the first tropical timber certification scheme in the Asia Pacific region to be endorsed by the PEFC. As a PEFC-endorsed scheme, the MTCS is now recognised by many national procurement policies notably in Europe and the Green Building Systems in many developed countries. 

Come find out how to become a PEFC CoC certificate holder and gain access to global markets.
Programme Objective & Target Audience
Ultimately the aim of this Eco Sense Forum is for participants / businesses to gain deeper understanding on how to complement FMCG, Retail, F&B and Healthcare and other economic sector players on their supply chain compliance by leveraging on this PEFC certificate.  
By gaining knowledge of the supply chain audit process the SMEs are better informed to invest in such compliance costs.
By gaining knowledge on the potential opportunities for these businesses we are hoping to aid better informed decision making for SMEs in the print, paper and packaging industry, more so in these times of economic uncertainty. 
This Programme is by Eco Sentido 
Eco Sentido is a new training arm and strategic partner of Nets Printworks Sdn Bhd the PEFC CoC holder in Malaysia, the very first few in the country. This responsible paper certification has helped us increase our business visibility in the market for global companies that are looking for responsible suppliers.

It is this experience in transitioning our business model, which is the core business drive of Eco Sentido in consulting on best practices for industry stakeholders to be a sustainable supply chain through our series of trainings and consulting services for companies that are supporting global brands with their print and packaging needs.  
Tentative Programme
· Online Eco Sense Forum·
FMCGs Paper Packaging Trends & The Need for PEFC Certification
Come find out how you too can become a PEFC CoC certificate holder & gain access to global supply chain markets.
Key Speakers
Ms. Fabienne Sinclair
Head of Marketing at PEFC International

She leads the end-users and retailers’ engagement programme, promoting PEFC sustainable forestry standards for supply chain traceability assurance. Managing a team of colleagues and consultants, Fabienne ensures that companies understand the importance of PEFC’s work and are equipped to report their own progress on sustainability targets

Ms. Teh Soo Tyng
Sustainability Strategy and Programme Director at Nets Printwork Sdn Bhd & Eco Sentido Sdn Bhd

Experienced Strategy Director with a demonstrated history of working in the printing industry. Strong business development professional skilled in Sales, Team Building, Leadership, Marketing, and Sustainability.

Ms. Sabrina binti Hj Mawasi
(Manager- Product) Malaysian Timber Certification Council

She is a Technical Expert for PEFC International and also the Qualified Trainer, for Chain of Custody Auditors trainings. She joined MTCC in September 2007 under the Chain of Custody unit and is responsible for implementing the chain of custody (CoC) system under the MTCS.

About Eco Sense
Eco Sentido Sdn Bhd is an integrated, multidisciplinary, and technology-enhanced ecosystem developer that provides business sustainability full cycle implementation, professional trainings and consulting capabilities to all types of business industries in Asia, in order to establish both digital and physical ecologically sustainable ecosystem.